Women and the Benefits of Self-Loving

Masturbation is a hot topic! Yet, it has been taboo for centuries.
Our parents, religion or society have never really openly encouraged self-pleasuring – usually quite the opposite is true. Many consider touching ourselves ‘down there’ to be a sin, something dirty that deserves condemnation. Therefore, self-loving is often paired with guilt and shame. It’s time to change that! Giving yourself sexual pleasure is your birthright.
Women and the Benefits of Self-Loving
Women and the Benefits of Self-Loving
‘Masturbating has tremendous benefits that you don’t want to miss out on’


IF YOU’VE BEEN holding back until now, then it’s time to unleash your inner goddess and get lost in the land of self-cultivated orgasms and sexual joy. Masturbating has tremendous benefits that you don’t want to miss out on.

Ready to get your hands sticky? Be inspired… Let’s dive in! ;)

1.Get your confidence back

Self-pleasuring can actually boost your self-confidence and empower you. How? Well, when you know your body, know what you like, and know how you want to be touched, it means you’re more sure of yourself. That self-knowledge will affect other areas of your life as well. If you can take care of your own pleasure and joy, you are more likely to show up with confidence in your everyday life.

2. Love your body

If you’re on a spiritual path, you must have heard that loving yourself is very important. And indeed it is. Masturbating yourself can be the ultimate self-loving act. It’s you and only you… intimately tangled up with your own hands, taking yourself on a wonderful ride.

Loving your body through self-pleasuring also leads to a better body image as well. To touch yourself you must find yourself attractive and sexy, in a way that reinforces positive thought patterns in the brain. Self-love is sweet and well deserved.

3. Strengthen your pelvic muscles

Why would you want to do that? Strong pelvic floor and vaginal muscles are essential to having good overall sexual health. When those muscles are regularly exercised it can prevent urinary incontinence as well. As your vagina contracts during masturbation and while reaching a climax, the muscles become stronger and more flexible. This is a benefit that can help you through different stages of your life, even during and after childbirth.

4. Prevent disease

Several studies show that masturbation can relieve the pain of urinary tract infections and also protect against cervical infections. Other research shows that women who masturbate on a regular basis have a lowered risk for heart disease and type-2 diabetes. So instead of pills, touch yourself to good health!

5. Relax

Sexual pleasure and orgasms provoke the release of endorphins that have a very positive effect on the nervous system. Due to its stress reducing effects, you can bring more ease and relaxation into your life with some thoughtful self-loving. It will help you get better sleep, too, which is essential for health and beauty.

6. Become a better lover

Many women have trouble reaching orgasm with their partner. Masturbation might just be the key to solving that problem. Experimenting with your own body is the best way to increase your sexual awareness. Through masturbation you can learn what you like in bed and what truly turns you on. Once you’re conscious of what makes you tick and makes you eventually climax, you can then communicate with your lover. Knowing and expressing your sexual desires will definitely lead to an enhanced lovemaking experience.

7. Ease menstrual pain

Having a satisfying sex life with plenty of sexual pleasure and orgasms will also relieve menstrual cramps. That is partially due to balancing hormones, thanks to the brain activity that occurs during masturbation – and joyful sex. Contracting and releasing all the muscles in your most intimate body parts while you pleasure yourself can also ease PMS and the monthly flow.

8. Be happy

The same “feel-good” hormones we talked about earlier – the endorphins – will also make you a happier, more balanced person. Some cases show that masturbation can even prevent depression. At the very least it can bring you instant joy that you don’t even need a partner for. Masturbation is very handy (pun intended!) and it will surely put a smile on your face.

So are you up for a happy ending? Then it’s time to have some fun!


How well it helps with everything stated. Before bed to bring intense excitement while after how relaxed I am.
Pleasure within, not with out; is the most fundamental aspects of human as a being, connecting to the cosmos,..thats is 1 of the most pleasurable experience in human dimension
Maybe The fantasy is the keyword.
Hopefully in the years to come both men and women will have access to sex-positive education that isn't shaming. Something as simple as an article like this could lead to a life time of health for both men and especially women.
Totally agree, it is nice to have some education with out the spread, some more info on male self pleasure would be great.
Self loving
I wish self loving was a required skill taught to all women. I know everyone on this sight agrees, but how can we get the info out more widely?
Why only drawing?
Maybe The fantasy is the keyword.