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Vaginal Massage

January 25, 2011
Our sweet girl-next-door enjoys the talented touch of another woman’s hands, and we get to watch.

She has already shown us she is not shy, despite her almost innocent smile.The masseuse focuses on the most tender and intimate part of Stasha’s body, and her reactions are impossible to miss. Her parted lips, her quick breathing, all tell their own story...

As her legs begin to shake and she grips the edges of the table, you can see what the warm oil and teasing fingers do to her.

  • Runtime: 28:31 Minutes
  • Format:
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Members' Comments

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Very, very nice Vagina!
Such a very, very nice Vagina!
Very sensual lady's. Thank You
Vagainal Massage
As a male I very much enjoyed watching the clit being stimulated. Well done.
Sexual Massages
I greatly admire these beautiful young women who allow themselves to be publicly finger-fucked to orgasm. I also admire the great skill, patience and stamina of the masseuses -- most of whom, from the glimpses we get of them, are as beautiful as the recipients of their attentions -- who work on them.
I think you are a woman, so I am replying as a male. Chances are you know what it feels like to be finger fucked, it may hurt after awhile, I really do not know. I am downloading the video, so I have not seen it yet. I hope to enjoy.
unclothe the masseuse
Do you think we can please have the masseuse get naked also.Jeez, she has devastating boobs.
Could have been perfect!
I so badly wanted to see her climax! I loved seeing her get so excited she couldn't keep her body still. I imagine her involuntarily clutching the masseuse as she finally orgasms! THAT would have been the perfect video! I can't help but feel I was a little cheated at the end.
This is not a science class. It's about pussy! Hey, I just found the perfect title. "Pussy Massage". You can't argue on that one.
While interesting and warm these videos, depending upon the model receiving the massage, seem somewhat mechanical. Perhaps as previous comments allude, it may be the jumpiness of the video cuts. A longing look at building excitement changes quickly to an anatomical study and then back. Also, in all my personal experience I dont think I have ever witnessed such subdued reaction to sexual excitement. While Dominika like responses may seem the ultimate in video arousal, I find that type reaction to be fairly normal when the person being excited is a willing participant. I dont know that I have ever seen a grouping of women that so quietly, at times virtually without movement and interest, approach what is often described as multiple orgasms or explosions of passion.
It is, what it is. :)
Ktag, I am a young woman who enjoys being massaged and manipulated like the women featured in these videos, and I can attest to the fact that many women do not naturally moan, pant or writhe around when having an orgasm. I can have 5 incredible full-body orgasms in a row and I don't make much of a sound or movement, I just enjoy the moment. My breathing and facial expression are more of an indication of how I'm feeling. I certainly would not be able to be my complete self if anyone else was watching other than my partner. That being said, Stasha (the model in this video) said recently that she doesn't experience orgasm by being rubbed in this way (look for the original orgasms video featuring her), so it may be true for her that she didn't experience orgasm in this video.
Many of the models on this site are beautiful women with beautiful bodies. But they are models, not actors. And though modelling is a form of acting, it is a very specific form. It seems to me that the models whose massage films are the most "satisfactory" (to some) are those who are at ease performing in an openly sexual way for the video camera in the Films section, rather than simply looking moody for photo sets. It is one thing to take your clothes off for the camera; it is quite another to - let's face it - be masturbated by a stranger whilst being filmed. This isn't modelling. And it shouldn't be acting. This is something quite different. Some are comfortable enough to "perform"; some are not. But I have no doubt that I've seen real orgasms in these films. And it's partly because they're not accompanied by the clichéd reactions of porn that I can believe that. But even if I haven't - so what? There's something intimate and real here. If women wouldn't really be so impassive in this situation then, what, are they acting impassive? Are they holding back? Maybe so. Because there's a camera there. Because they know we're watching. Isn't that how any normal person would react in this situation? Isn't that more "real"? I for one am incredibly grateful for what these models are prepared to let us see. The massages are beautiful. To demand more of them seems churlish. But more than that, the criteria by which these women (as much as these films) are being judged seem plain wrong to me. Sorry for waffling. I'll say just this again: the massages are beautiful.
Wrong title!
This is a clitoral massage. Just to those who mixed up anatomy in this case. The vagina is the entrance and tunnel to the uterus. So Lady Longfinger would have to put her oily fumbletools inside Miss. Libidolow to make it a vaginal massage!
At last someone that knows a womans anatomy. Strange that so many people is so wrong with such important anatomy!!
Just do what you want to do, Petter. And show whatever you and your models are happy to show. My imagination might need a little prodding but it's fully functional and shows me stuff your videos never could and never should.
yes, the masseuse has beautiful hands and body, its adds excitement!
full experience is not same as loud or porn please people
Full sexuality is the integration of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Wearing earphones, eyes closed the whole time, no connection between massage person and the person being touched makes it more like being a voyeur or porn like for me and my friends at least. The idea of beautiful models that we get to see nude and now in orgasms, is a bit classist, sexist, etc. Humanize this by having them connected to someone, themselves, and the person they are with please. This is not so much to ask. Or, perhaps, it is the way the models cope with this situation, to not have this be meaningful, connected, etc. If they were really happy doing this it would be more playful, joyful, etc. Some of the films with two women appear much more this way and we find them much more fun and sexual.
Agree With Sandy
Absolutely agree with Sandy, below, and could not have said it better myself.
i completely agree. the chick who does dominika is the best!
sandy's comment
i agree with sandy. if you are going to show all that caressing, what is wrong with seeing the end result. that's nature. that's what is supposed to happen, after so much rebbing and teasing. as for the women, they are fabulous, but there again i agree that you cut things off too soon. it is highly erotic to see a women in the grip of a true orgasm. i happen to have a screamer, and i wouldn't trade her for anyone else in the world.
Sandy, I agree with your comments and you are a lucky man !!
Love the new massage videos and they got off to a great start. I think the close up detail is getting less and I must have blinked and missed the scene shown in the still. Please can we see more video with the lips parted as in the still and the massage of her erect clitoris. I don't know about everyone else but you seem to cut the scene just as it looks like it is getting interesting. Too much choping and changing of scene especially when capturing the expression on the face. I would like some of the models massaged by the masseuse who massaged Dominika to her explosive orgasm, now that would be something if the model was Thea. Look forward to the updates and love the theme, I would have joined the site just for these superb videos. Just would like them a little more explicit sometimes with the legs fully parted. Please please some more detail and full focus on the orgasm. Although I am not into men I also think you should show the ejaculation from the masseuse's labours. Keep up the good work and groundbreaking themes. SANDY
100% agree with you SANDY
tide, in case your wondering, the videos are sensual or tantric massage especially this one done in the tantra temple in spain, if your want loud orgasms, moanin and grinden ,watch a porno. I love the massages and have experienced them by tantricas. The masseuses are very talented. the videos are outstanding, there is not anything like it on the net shot in the way they shot with an exception of the japanese massages on dailymotion. The models are reacting natually, the massages are very relaxing and soothing vs sexual, they seem to enjoy it, i would.
Only way this could be better is if the masseuse was nude as well. I've seen her from the neck down on several of these and she appears to have a beautiful body herself.
fuller experience
These are minimal experiences. My women friends share with me that these women show very little of the full rainbow of sensuality, sexual expression, and full involvement. The type and nature of stimulation, positions, and lack of involvement of the person touching them, has much room for improvement. Sometimes having the person touching them be in a relationship with them and becoming involved in mutual exploration is another avenue of authentic portrayal.
i agree. i wish these women would not act like human statues. i know in the japanese massage the girls scream and moan as if they are in pain, but a little middle ground would be nice. seems like the girls here hold back too much
super hot! But, wha happened in the last 2 minutes?lol
Love Those Lips
When she tries to catch her breath and her mouth opens, you can almost tell she’s trying not to react but can’t help it. You can especially see this in the long shots when her legs open up. You know she’s doing that without thinking about it!
The Spa
I don’t know why everyone thinks Stasha is so much the average girl next door. The girl next door to me is over 90kg!
I know what you mean - and the girl next door to me is about 75 years old!
I love the way the other woman uses the oil, and builds up to massaging her vagina. It is SOOOOO incredibly arousing!
Love These
The massage films never get old. It’s a thrill to watch how different Hegre-models’s all real-life and real orgasms, and that is the sexiest thing to see.
Stasha Is So Lovable
In the one film where she shows us how she masturbates she captured my heart. I love seeing such a charming girl open herself up so intimately.